“After almost three decades, we are excited to leverage our intrinsic understanding of the athlete’s body and fuse it with an aesthetic, an attitude, and a sense of style that is deeply and uniquely Chinese — yet intended for all.”

Li-Ning is the Chinese leader in athletic apparel and footwear, rooted in the vision of its founder and namesake, the champion gymnast Mr. Li Ning. He founded the company in 1990 with the simple goal of providing Chinese athletes a national brand to wear on the world stage of the Olympics.

This modest intention has, almost 30 years later, led to the rise of a global sports pioneer that resides at the forefront of 21st–century design and technology while remaining grounded in its own heritage. Li-Ning explores the tensions between past and future, man and nature, flexibility and strength. Yet it is ultimately driven by the boundless potential of the human body.

As a world-class gymnast with 106 gold medals, Mr. Li is testament to the possibility of the human body. His most singular achievements include winning six out of seven gold medals at the Sixth World Cup Gymnastic Competition in 1982, which earned him the nickname ‘The Prince of Gymnastics.’

Our brand carries the genes of an athlete" - LiNing

Innovation is essential to the development of the Li-Ning brand and its products. By driving perpetual research and development, Li-Ning is able to offer the most forward- thinking products, experiences, and services across its core product categories: running, basketball, badminton, and training.

A supreme athlete himself, Mr. Li understands the essence of sportsmanship and competition. He has also witnessed the positive impact and influence athletics can have in people’s lives. To wit, Li-Ning’s company mission statement is: ‘Let sports light your passion.’

Further, Li-Ning’s love of badminton has led it to sponsor the China National Badminton Team and support many of China’s gold medal–winning players.

Setting a sharp eye on the global market, Li-Ning established a premium range in 2017. Showcasing the brand’s heritage, unique Chinese point of view, as well as advanced technologies, the range has a long–term strategy to introduce the Li-Ning brand to the world in an extremely controlled manner while continuing to positively affect its domestic business.

This is a futuristic, global vision of Chinese heritage, informed by the culture of the street and made possible by the break-through innovations of Li-Ning.

Focusing on global fashion weeks, the range’s first collection for Autumn / Winter 2018 was shown during New York Fashion Week: Men’s. The second range for Spring / Summer 2019 followed and was presented during Paris Men’s Fashion Week in June 2018. The next iteration for the Autumn / Winter 2019 season marks the brand’s debut showing during New York Fashion Week: The Shows women’s schedule on Tuesday, February 12th.

Li-Ning remains committed to corporate social responsibility in the design, sourcing, production, and manufacturing of its products, which meet ZDHC certification standards. The brand has founded the community training program “Sports For All” and participates in a vast number of sports and public education projects such as Gymnasium for Schools, all with the goal of brining sport to disadvantaged regions and marginalized populations. This also includes Project All-Weather Playground, the brand’s initiative for building and sustaining playgrounds across China. Through various programs, Li-Ning trains teenagers in remote villages to become involved in sports. Lastly, the brand provides coaching to physical education teachers across China to ensure greater standards of schooling and guidance.